Fool's Paradise: 24 Psychoanalytic Acts, 2012

Checklist [apocalyptic ecology]

Breast milk
Fur coat *
Vibrators (solar-powered) *
iPhone (wind up) *

Notes for checklist

Before the end of the birds: the bowerbird’s bruised tin cup is priceless to him. He has snagged it from the dump and decorates his nest with it.
She who enters is courted with trash. Human or bird.

When the river caught fire, cool. Bad and cool. Still, by winter it might be icing over. We might skate where there were flames.

Some trees remained to separate slope from slope on the clear-cut ski mountain. Entering the woods, skier finds himself in a grove decorated with all of our human holes. He reports it. The erotic drawings carved into the bark by sheepherders are shaven off. Sap runs. Insects crawl in.

Another is searching for human breast milk on the Internet. Women sell the excess. When he drinks it, it soothes his skin condition. The problem: many, when tested, carry traces of flame retardant in their milk. His search term: clean breast milk.

[Don’t worry; if I can stop crying, I can orgasm.]

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