Capital H, 2012
QB Sheath, 2012
Diamonds and Nomad with Placeholders, 2012

the referent in disguise
perpetual metonymic movement between forms
an exchange

Specific materials suggest a certain type of language. In the case of marble, we may consider grave inscriptions, elegies, or permanent memories engraved into a public space. Carpet suggest an institutional or domestic interior. I’m interested in taking material language and recasting it, transcribing it, and altering its origins within the studio. This process dismantles the objectivity of that material by challenging our expectation of it.

Diamonds and Nomad, a rubbing made from diamond-plated steel, asserts an anonymous and site-less indexicality. It is the trace of a decorative pattern. The work develops as a process-oriented, intuitive arrangement of marks and signs. Gestures within the piece disrupt its linear development, collapsing the sequential movements of the studio into a series of scattered points in an expansive graph. The folding, drawing, tearing, and painting complicate the initial diamond plate rubbing, as it would suggest a coherent activity.

I’m interested in the performance of gathering materials and images from specific sites (physical or metaphorical) that are then transposed by studio alterations. The space of production takes the forefront, displacing the index of the site. What is left is semantic language decontextualized, searching for its referent. The process of conflating these spaces generates a psychological movement between them. A position is proposed, yet is subject to fluctuation. The installation physically encourages an exchange between parts, as each points away from itself, highlighting the space in between objects.

Chris Domenick (b. 1982) lives and works in Queens, NY. His work traverses a variety of media including drawing, sculpture, installation, video, and performance. He received his BFA from Tyler School of Art, and is an 2013 MFA candidate at Hunter College. He has had solo exhibitions at Louis B James Gallery, Wilson Gallery at Anderson University, WORK Gallery, and Jack the Pelican Presents. Domenick has been awarded residencies at Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, Millay Colony, Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, and the Ox-Bow Center.